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Enthusiasm is a software framework to be implemented in support to the creation and production of drama-based information presentations. The framework consists of off-line editors and real-time applications.

Currently the development is focused on Tarta4D, the real-time 3D graphics visualization sub-module of the whole Enthusiasm architecture.

The Enthusiasm framework is the grounding base of the MESH software (Mise-en-scène Helper) [http://www.mesh-project.org]. Please, refer to the the MESH site for updated news and features.


Please, visit the WIKI for the latest, up-to-date, documentation about the project.


For Info and Downloads please refer to the Enthusiasm Project Summary on Sourceforce.




Here is a schematic architecture of Enthusiasm:


The development team is mainly the staff of the ASA-Lab located at the Virtual Reality & Multimedia Park , Torino, Italy

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Tarta4D uses the Ogre3D rendering engine

Sound playback and spatialization is based on OpenAL

Physics Simulation is based on ODE (Open Dynamics Engine)

C++ to Java binding is semi-automatically generated by SWIG

Multithreading and concurrency is handled via the PTypes library

XML I/O is performed through the TinyXML library

Joysticks and joypads are handled via the JInput library


The following people have mostly contributed to the Enthusiasm platform in the last years: